Sunday, August 23, 2009

why don't you worry bout you...

So when I run into someone that I haven't seen a while this is typically how the convo goes:

Us: Heyyyy how are you
Us: Good.. good
Them: so whats new with you?
Me: Finished my master's program looking a for a career :D and yourself
Them: same here trying to get by, taking care of my kid(s)
Me: oh that's whats up :D *smiles*
Them: so are u still with that light skin guy?
Me: Stephen, yes we are *cheese*
Them: Damn its been like 10 years right??
Me: it will be 9 in September :D
Them: Damn that's a long ass time, yall ain't married yet? no kids?? girl I don't know how u do it
Me: *frowns/pissed* (later it turns into a smile) No not yet. We know what we want and when God says the time is right that's when it will be right. :D
them: o ok kool i guess. see ya around
Me: later

Wth??? I mean how on earth can u be judgemental to me and not have your ish together? females are so quick to have something to say. Meanwhile no one thinks maybe finances could be the issue. which it IS. IF we could afford to have a wedding..WE WOULD. If we could afford to live in a House..WE WOULD. If we could afford kids..WE WOULD BUT AFTER MARRIAGE. Got it?
Yes he is my high school sweetheart and I understand that its rare to see those relationships but with faith and consistency they do exist.
So for those undercover judgemental broads..why don't you worry about you???

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LoveMeMore said...

Love this post! I'm 24 and whenever I run into old classmates they wanna question why I don't have a trail of babies behind me, I'm like "I want a degree first" and they look at me like I'm crazy! WTF?!