Sunday, February 28, 2010

Carol's Daughter Products at Marshalls

So last night I was in Marshall just browsing around I noticed some of carols daughter products there. Now I am fully aware that the jamaican punch is being discontinued so for all of you who love that fragrance I suggest u stock up now. Marshall's had the body scrub, body and bath oil, and the Khoret Amen oil and shampoo. I purchased the groove and ocean body oils and body scrubs they are not my favs but hey at the prices of $7.99 for cd body scrub I cant say no. and the oils were $5.99. the khoret amen shampoo was 3.99 and the oil was either 5.99 or 4.99. Definitely steals. I would have went crazy if they had almond cookie or estasy but I'm grateful for what I did get. So what other bargains have you beauties been able to get your hands on?

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