Tuesday, February 2, 2010

locker room blues

Hey beauties!

I hope all is well..I do not have anything on mind really except this one thing that puzzles me. Now I am working out more often and after a workout I go in the hot tub to chill out my muscles then I take a shower and get dressed. now I have my towels and cover up but there is one woman who really makes herself at home and parades around naked...I mean NAKED!!!! Yes we are all women and yes u should be confident however..no one wants to see u strut around with your nips and private parts exposed smh. I don't know do u think its a big deal? or you do it yourself?


Milan said...

Gotta luv people right? Some are just pure exhibitionists and like being naked. Lol. It wouldn't bother me though. I'd just shake my head n keep it movin. Hahaha.

You've inspired me to get back on my work out tip though. I feel so much better when I exercise regularly.

Minerva said...

hahahaha Wel, I've recently discovered that it
's not such a weird thing. In Europe ( where I'm studying now) People make a habit of it walking in around Eve style. In the changing rooms, the sauna. I was really surprised when I saw this for the first time, so I can understand where ur coming from. I'm also not completely comfortable with it.

svrbrownsuga said...

@Minerva I hear u girl, I mean we are all ladies its just like sheesh miss its been over an half hour and ur still naked lol lol
@Milan yes hun I'm trying to tone it up hun. U already look in shape for ur pics..I'm just gaining too much weight :/ but I will update o my progress :D