Friday, February 5, 2010

Black Men don't Respect Black Women?

While listening to D.L. Hugley I heard a white male call in with this statement. As sad as that sounds, is there any truth to that?

Now I have wonderful black men in my life however I will admit some of our brothers are dipping with other women even if they are in committed relationships or fathering children outside of marriage etc... It does hurt that as a black woman, black men are doing this to us. I mean it's disturbing to hear that black men are done with black women. Don't get me wrong you love and have a relationship with whoever you want as long as you are happy however to hear brothers say they are tired of black women for shallow reasons (skin tone, hair, body) is simply SELF HATRED. There is no other way around it..brainwashed by society Period.

Now ladies, as much as I do agree that some brothers don't respect black women, you have to also realize that it's not only brothers. ANY MAN from ANY RACE will cheat, lie or deceive you. So do not think because you may be a trophy woman to a man of a different race that you wont get played.

I just wish for one day that all people will treat one another like they want to be treated, especially in Relationships.
Whats your take on this?

Later Beauties

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