Friday, September 25, 2009

First Love

Anyone who knows me that I am all about love. I love to love and to receive it...

Do you remember when you met your first love? how old were you and how did you know it was love?

Honey is not my first boyfriend however he is my FIRST love and I want him to be One and Only and Last..yes its that deep! lol I met him in high school (high school sweethearts) I knew I loved him when I was able to see both sides of the spectrum with him meaning his good and flaws which makes him perfect in my eyes even though he is not. I was able to open up the Real Me to him and he has a major impact in my life and definitely holds a place in my heart right underneath God and next to my family and diamonds (best friends).

Now that our anniversary is approaching tomorrow I just had to reminisce....sign *cheese*


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

My first love was this guy I met in elm. school, but we didn't start dating until I got to high school...too bad he broke my heart later :(

svrbrownsuga said...

Yeah it does suck when that happens however what doesnt kill u only what?...make you stronger :D