Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend


This weekend has been very relaxed.. on Friday I went with honey to get a MAC book and he is so in love with it.. I want one now..haha hes says he's never going to be a pc guy again...

Saturday I took my honey's younger sisters "back to school" shopping :D which was a lot of fun! Later we had dinner together and then honey and I went to a bbq that his friend from Temple U was having. Very fun and funny. I had a lil sippy sip...I needed it new thing for me~ gummy life savers shots *smiles*

Sunday I went to church and enjoyed service as usual..then I spent some qt with one of my diamonds who is expected this December. I took her and her bf to baby's r us to finish their gift excited for them :D.
Later saw honey bun and watched this ridiculous show "tool academy" lol it was actually entertaining..but sad.

and today Labor day I was slugging it around the house. Me and mom dukes just took a stroll to a show store and clothing spot..*smile* moms hooked me up with a few things. A new pair of black dollhouse booties, and some fall sweaters..shes great!

Now I'm sitting here wondering what to do now? lol later beauties

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