Sunday, September 13, 2009

Southern Bells are on point...I dont give a *bleep* I'm a New Yorker

LOL ok so apparently people have alot of thoughts of New Yorkers especially women from New York. New York women are thought to have major attitudes, think they are better than anyone else etc...

I am not like this at all. I can get along with mostly anybody, I don't have an attitude problem, and I do NOT walk around with a I'm from NY so I'm better than you stance either. However, I have met some women from NY who are beyond snobbish and down plays anything about a different state.

Possibly because my parents are not from NY so our family doesn't have to NY is the best motto..I live in Long Island so that could be the winner too, well actually not because they say Long Islanders are the worst too lol..
Well maybe because my mother and her sisters are southern bells :D

I want to know if there are any southern bells out there? what distinguishes a real southern bell from all other women? because I have heard many of the fellas say they want a southern bell or a woman from down south..any takes on this?


Milan said...

I'm over here jammin to your playlist! lol I have heard this before. Of course not all NY women fit this stereotype but I dunno, as an outsider that now lives in NY, I can see how some of them are-not all of them though. But like you, a lot of my family is from the South and my parents are from good ol Pittsburgh. Hahaha.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Well, traditionally southern belles were considered to be southern women part of the upper class, and a majority of the time, White. Black southern "belles" were considered southen ladies or whatever else. However, I see what you're, a real southern belle is a southern woman who has social decorum, class, can cook, and keeps a clean house. She cares about her appearance, so she never comes out looking a mess, and of course...always has a set of pearls.

Keith said...

Southern Belles are perceived as being warmer and more sexually accessible than Northern girls.

I've had both and couldn't really tell the difrence except for the accents..

How have you been? Haven't been around in awhile..but I promise to visit your site more often.

Are you on Facebook?

svrbrownsuga said...

K: Hey Keith! Thanks for hitting me up homie :D and yes I'm on facebook..Nicole Davenport-chestnut hill college

BCU: Thanks hun for your insight, if I did'nt know any better I would think of you as a souther belle *cheese*

Milan: haha thanks hun. I love this song by Wale, did u see him on the vma's? and of course vanity! lol LOL @ Pittsburg