Thursday, September 3, 2009

Housewives of Atlanta

So I didn't watch the first season of Housewives and I am tuned in now...I must say I love this show! lol So crazy and fabulous at the same time :D
So far I think all the ladies bring something good to the table. They all have pros and cons nonetheless very entertaining. Is anyone else watching the show?


Milan said...

I do. lol. They are hilarious and there is never a dull moment. Their catty like any other women are. I just luv seeing well to do black women being shown to America and the world. We exist, people! lol

LoveMeMore said...

I am beyond in love with this show! If I miss an episode I set reminders on my phone for the entire week until I see it again-in full!

Brandiss said...

Im a fan of the show too! And I agree they all have their pros and cons, just like anyone else. Although I think Nene is a bit over the top MOST of the time, she just makes the show more enjoyable. What do you think about Kandi and that fiance??

svrbrownsuga said...

Milan-yes we do exist!

Lovememore-girl I'm not even mad at you for the reminders lol thats too cute lol

brandiss-yes girl Nene is over the top however I love her lol