Friday, March 13, 2009

First week

Okay, so even thought I have not really gone in the field, I feel overly tired.
The hours are a big difference from what I am used to but I just have to play it by the ear.. I feel my day is mostly spent downtown and now I really understand when people say " you see your co-workers more than your own family". I accepted the fact that thursdays will be my long days because of two late family visits in the office.

I have met kool peeps at work. and one of my good friends works there as well but in a different unit. Thank God its friday and we have monday off soo 3 day weekend, Holla!. Now I can catch up on sleep because 6 am is nooooo joke!

**side note**
Alot of the women in the office have natural hair or cute short hair styles. One thing I do appreciate about the BK or an urban atmosphere is the fact that everyone has their own style or uniqueness. Of course no matter where you got there will always be a so called " standard beauty" but I hold my own standards...HA take that glamour mag *wink*

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