Sunday, March 29, 2009

Money can't buy you happiness

I took this online quiz and it was "which Sex and the City Character are you?" and I ended up being Charlotte. I laughed but her character and I are similar in some ways. I do believe in love and happiness...however I do NOT believe that money can buy me happiness or love. Yes I understand that we need money to carry out our every day lives but does the amount of money one person has really determines their happiness?

No one wants to struggle or live pay check to pay check. But even those who do have millions and millions of dollars are not always in a happy state because they are too busy worry about getting robbed, or pondering if their significant other is really with them for them or their $$ etc.....

Everything revolves around money, even marriage. If my grandparents were alive and they heard of Prenuptial agreements they would probably be confused. I understand the purpose of a prenup and I don't judge any couples for making that choice but damn what ever happened to not breaking wedding vows and making a promise that shouldn't be broken? now its like ok, "In case we break up" this is our agreement...??

Well with my standards money cannot buy me happiness and I hope others will learn that as well. Money isn't everything and we should not idolize it, but happiness and love is a quest or a journey that we should take and want to achieve one day.

one love
Nic Cheri


Keith said...

Hey Nikki...I finnally got over to your blog. Nice Site..I'll certainly be returning and I hope you return to mine too!.

svrbrownsuga said...

O I will Keith and thanks for stopping by.