Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Day!

I enjoyed church service today. I was moved by the message of "God is Able" the scripture came from Daniel 3:13-17.
I felt the need to express this in my blog because with all the "bad" things that are happening around us, its important to know that there IS still good around and good to happen. To those who do tune into my blog know that I was struggling to find a new job..and with time and patience and most importantly keeping faith with God, I got a new job :D.
We all have a story, we all have a past, I'm learning that we have to better ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually to have a positive present and furthermore, future.
No matter what faith you may practice, I do not judge because I accept people for who they are and as long as people realize that they are Nothing without the mercy of a higer being, I'm happy.
Good day today, good day everyday. I have to keep positive thoughts in my head at all times because if I dont, I will go crazy like many people around the world. Praying and keeping my faith with God is keeping me sane and stable. I hope everyone is being blessed and had a wonderful weekend.
Nicole Cherise

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