Saturday, March 28, 2009

I represented in Yoga class today

So I joined this gym in february and I have been keeping my word of not wanting to "get right" because of a new years res. or because the summer is right around the corner but because I NEED to be healthier and active the older I get. I must say that the yoga classes are helping me relax and be at ease when I have soo much stress going on.
anywayz..the usual yoga leader was absent today so one of the other yoga leader filled in for her. Now I like this teacher because she did challenge us and I really felt my body stretch in the different poses :D. So all the black girls left after 30 minutes. The class was for 90 minutes. So I was trooper and held it down for the sistas!! ;D

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CareyCarey said...

Hello Nicole

I know nothing about yoga ...I am to old to even think about twisting and turning other than to tie my shoes.

I did notice a reply of yours at Keith's Place and your bio.

Sooooo, I am inviting you to my blog with the hopes that you will share and add a little spice.

See you later