Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend 3/14-3/15

I really appreciated this weekend. I had alot of rest and I was able to reflect on my first week of the new job.
I went to the gym and got an assesment done on my bod...well I have been concentrating on the wrong work out regime. I need to concentrate of exercises that is strictly for my core muscles. I am so sore from the assessment however I feel great about myself. I think I am going to purchase a work out tape for that type of exercising.
Me and My gurlie RM were out and about and had a nice introduction to the burtbee's company. Now we both have heard of the company and I have some of the shampoos but were introduced the to skin care as well. I purchased the coconut foot cream which is Amazing and its only 9 bucks. Now I still love my cd peppermint fot creme but burtbees is on point too. Burtbee's has a pomegranate shampoo and conditioner and I plan to purchase the conditioner the only thing is, its for "volumizing"..I feel I have enough volume as is so I dont know if that will be a negative or positive yet but it smells yummy!
Today I washed my hair and I also used nexxus emergencee treatment. I must say that my hair felt amazing after the treatment. Its been a while and I enjoyed every second of feeling each strand coil up with the water fall from the shower head. Then I added giovanni direct leave in (my favorite, officially a holy grail!) and I used Blended Beauty Curl style creme, it was very moisturizing and I got it from my homie RM. It reminded me of how much I miss Blended Beauty products the prices are just a grip sometimes tho...:/ and after that I sealed it with castor oil and I loved the results! Tonight I am twisting up my hair to have a cute twist out tomorrow :D good times good times...

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