Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When will the cycle stop?

Ladies and Gents there are alot of things that just need to stop. The way we view ourselves, the nonsense that we place so much value in and the way we overall treat each other. This cycle that is taking place is the destruction of marriages, relationships and friendships. When will it end? When u say enough is enough!

Before you can offer yourself to anyone/anything you have to know You and what you are all about. Your significant other can not save you from everything that happens to you. Yes its great the have support from your significant other however the important factor is..SUPPORT. Ladies we have to help ourselves first so that we can put our 100% into anything.
Ladies we need to also stop putting all the blame on the fellas. Yes alot of guys nowadays are triflin and plain ignorant but...we deal with it. Yes we all can go on and on about guys aint thise and men are all the same..well they are all the same because we put up with the same shit. In relationships you will have to push and pull sometimes and make sacrifices, but ladies if your significant other is not even meeting you half way in the relationship, u have to put a stop to it. Some may question why is that ladies give their all and always end up coming last in their relationship? Answer is because you allow it to be that way. We go out our way to meet the needs of others all the time. From makeup, hairstyles, clothing, professions and our thought process we do it for others. We will began to do things for ourselves when we accept our selves and take in responsibility. Bottom line ladies we have our Own Problems and we have to find our inner being and love it so much that we can fix our issues and not rely on that from somebody else. Yes this may be easier said than done but its a virtue...A virtue we all should be willing to practice. Just think, when was the last time you made an important decision and it was truthfully satisfying to yourself first before anyone else? or when was the last time you were so effed up in the head and you almost gave up until your significant other patted your head and assured you that you would be ok? Think about it.

Where do I start...Please get it together. In history, boys went thru a journey in order to become a man. It seems as if that journey is now becoming a player, drug dealer or baby maker....Thats a problem. It takes a real man to know how to love and respect women, it takes a real man to get a job or two to support himself or his family, it takes a real man to be a father to his children, see the difference? Guys I know its not easy growing up into this crazy world but you have to make the best out of everything. Guys, you need to set the example in all that you do. From working hard on a job, to treating a woman like she should be treated, to being a father. Would you believe that studies have shown that children are less likely to become delinquent with the role of a male figure in a child's life? Or just the importance of family dinner for a child? Now that is not always the men fault, I know the ladies have a factor in that too but that just amazes me. Here is something to think about..When was the last time that you didnt follow a crowd or did what your homies from the hood did? When was the last time you opened a door for your woman or hold groceries for a woman who looks like she is about to tobble over? or at least offer? or how about when was the last time the fathers out there read their son/daughter a bed time story and tucked them to sleep? think about it

Ladies and Gents that is just a few of things that is always on mind. I hope maybe one person thinks about this and try to live their life a little better. Just remember, Love yourself, Respect yourself and treat others like you want to be treated.
one love


AGrlCanMAC said...

Preach! I feel you 100%.

svrbrownsuga said...

Thanks so much hun for responding for a second I thought I was on this one by myself :D